Hate the Gym? 7 Exercises You Can Do Using Just A Chair

We get it. You have a stressful life and squeezing in time to go to the gym is a huge no-no. Also, the gym can be expensive and you don’t want to spend that much. That’s okay! You can do many exercises in the comfort of your home. All you need is a  chair and you are good to go! Not only do you save money and time, you also lose calories! So wear your workout clothes, play motivating music and follow the 7 given exercises:

  1. Step Ups With Knee Kicks Place your chair in front of you. Keep your left foot on it. Stand on the chair while you kick your right knee up. Then place your right foot back on the ground followed by your left foot. Repeat this with your right foot on the chair, then stand while you kick your left knee up. Repeat these 5 times each.
    source - www.awaken.com source - www.awaken.com
  2. Abs hold Sit on the chair. Place your hands at the side and hold the chair seat. Keep your feet 4 inches away from the chair. Use your arms to push your butt up for 10 seconds. Remember to keep your back flat while you do this. Then sit back down. Repeat this rep 5 times.
    source - www.infoskep.com source - www.infoskep.com
  3. Inclined Push Ups For this, you will have to sleep on your stomach. Place your feet on the chair. Your palms should face the ground beside your head. Push your body up using your arms and make sure your back remains straight. Repeat this 5 times.
    source - blog.paleohacks.com source - blog.paleohacks.com
  4. Split Squats With your back facing the chair, place your right foot on the chair. Bend your knee and squat for 10 seconds. Repeat this placing your left foot on the chair and bend your right knee. Do this 5 times each.
    source - www.gymcube.com source - www.gymcube.com
  5. Fan Kicks Stand facing the front of your chair with your arms held up to the sides. Placing your weight on your right foot, point your left foot and cross it over your body and the chair in a counter-clockwise direction to your left side. Do the same with your right foot crossing over your body and the chair in a counter-clockwise direction to your right side. Repeat this 5 times each.
    source - www.indianworkouts.com source - www.indianworkouts.com
  6. Tricep Knee Tucks Facing your chair at the side, place your right palm on the seat of the chair. Place your left palm on the back of the chair, elbow pointing upwards. Extend your left leg till it is above your head. Later, bend your left knee inwards and place it on the chair seat. Switch sides and repeat this exercise 10 times.
    source - www.cosmopolitan.com source - www.cosmopolitan.com
  7. Skater Switch Sit on your chair. Keep your legs apart and bend your right knee while you extend your left leg. Extend both your arms and use your left hand to touch your right foot. Remember to twist your body as you do it. Switch sides by extending your right leg and bending your left knee. Extend your arms and touch your left foot using your right hand.
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