Gym Essentials! 7 Things You Should Always Have In Your Gym Bag!

We’ve all been there! Heading for the gym, thinking about the hardcore session you’re going to have and realization dawns…you forgot an essential!

Luckily (maybe) for you, most gyms have got you covered…for a serious cost!

So, we’ve compiled an easy cheat sheet of what you should always have in your gym bag!
  1. Water bottle This may sound like a ‘Duh!’ to some of you but we can’t help but emphasize the importance of staying hydrated throughout your gym session!
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  2. Towel Sweat is always a bummer! Avoid this by having a standard size towel in your bag. Microfiber is a great option since it absorbs big time yet dries quickly!
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  3. Nutrition Bar/Juice Avoid being hangry and keep yourself fueled after that hardcore workout! You can also stash some on-the-go snacks in your bag but nothing too unhealthy.
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  4. Face wipes Make sure you refresh your face before AND after your workout to avoid accumulating sweat and breakouts!
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  5. Extra t-shirt A fresh t-shirt will be appreciated if you get invited for a sudden brunch. Don’t be the person who is drenched in sweat. Otherwise not many would like to be seated next to you!
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  6. Baby wipes + Deodorant The dream team for freshening up in seconds. Wipe down any particularly sweaty areas and reapply deodorant to prevent being called ‘The Stinky’.
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  7. Pair of Socks It is never a pleasure to work out without socks. Stash an extra pair of socks in your bag just in case!
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So, do yourself a favor and pack these!