Gutsy Enough? Scariest Places in Mumbai That You Must Visit!

Mumbai! The city of dreams can also give you nightmares. Every night when you sleep assured, these paranormal souls break peace in some part of this Metropolitan. Here are 5 such places that will send chills to your spine. Visit these places if you have the heart to!

  1. Tower of Silence, Malabar Hills The Tower of Silence is associated with the Zoroastrian ritual of leaving the body after death in open, for vultures to feed on. Imagine walking through a tower full of rotting dead bodies!
    Source - Mofidili Source - Mofidili
  2. Mukesh Mills, Colaba Mukesh Textile Mills was shut down after a fire broke out and killed thousands of people. The ruins of this deserted mill serves the film industry as a set for haunted shoots. Stories of a possessed actress and eerie interiors add to the spookiness.
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  3. Aarey Milk Colony, Goregaon This 10 km. stretch is associated with lurking leopards, oddities, petty crimes and paranormal activities. Stories of a ghost in a white sari and the sound of crying babies, is what makes this place eerily famous.
    Source - Darkmoon Source - Darkmoon
  4. St. John’s Baptist Church, Andheri Abandoned due to an epidemic in 1840, St. John’s Baptist Church is said to have performed an exorcism on a tormenting ghost bride where manic laughter and shrieking followed by a loud splash in the nearby pond was reported by witnesses. The pond contained bodies of dead fish the next day.
    Source - Wikimedia Source - Wikimedia
  5. Road to Marve and Madh Islands The picturesque route to Marve and Madh Island has witnessed numerous accidents and paranormal fuss. Stories of a woman in bridal attire chasing passing cars is what makes drivers think twice before venturing anywhere close to this road at night.
    Source - Travel India Source - Travel India

Spooked out yet? Or gutsy enough to visit these places? Your call!