GURL, We Feel You! 9 Things All Girls Do When They’re Alone!

Girls are incredible creatures. We know how to turn our hair from a bird’s nest into a bomb blowout. We can wear the shit out of a bodycon. We can wear heels for hours at a stretch. But, when we’re alone, all bets are off! We become gross, lazy, bizarre humans because ain’t nobody judging us!

It’s not weird if no one saw you do it, right? Right!

So, here are 9 things that all girls do when they’re alone!

  1. Stare at themselves in the mirror but not do anything. Just stand there and stare!
Source: hercampus.com Source: hercampus.com
  1. Watch hairstyle/makeup/nail art videos on Youtube and attempt most of them.
Source: hercampus.com Source: hercampus.com
  1. Take a shower and lay in the towel for like five hours.
Source: framepool.com Source: framepool.com
  1. Have a full loud conversation with themselves.
Source: media.mnn.com Source: media.mnn.com
  1. Try to cook something. Fail and then give up.
Source:  fliwave.com Source: fliwave.com
  1. Strip tease in front of the mirror.
Source: mamamia.com.au Source: mamamia.com.au
  1. Have conversations with people they hate, slaying every comeback!
Source: screencrush.com Source: screencrush.com
  1. Put on heels with any outfit and ramp-walk.
Source: whicdn.com Source: whicdn.com
  1. Look in the mirror while crying to see if they are pretty criers.
Source: medicaldaily.com Source: medicaldaily.com

Don’t disagree, girl! We know you do it!