Gurgaon Traffic Nightmare! 20 Things You Can do If You're Stuck In A 20 hour Traffic Jam

The Gurgaon Traffic! Hundreds of commuters, including women and children, were stuck on the Delhi-Gurgaon Expressway throughout Thursday night after heavy rains left the Hero Honda Chowk flooded! The two-day traffic nightmare in Millennium City, Gurgaon following heavy rains finally got over late on Friday evening. Since Thursday evening, cars were stranded or crawling on miles of the highway. Many were forced to abandon their vehicles after petrol ran out and had to walk home. It was a 20 hour traffic jam! We wonder what the commuters were doing for 20 hours?  Here 20 Things you can do if you're stuck in a 20 hour Traffic Jam!

  1. Music
    The basic! Music is the key to all your problems! Switch on the radio or listen to your playlist, because songs are ideal for traffic jams. Plug in your earphones, listen to songs you haven’t heard in a while. And remember! Radio jockeys are the perfect gossip companions. So tune in the radio and start the chit-chat!

  2. Eye Contact
    Make hateful and prolonged eye contact with surrounding drivers! They too are in the same mess as you are, so you need to express your anger!

  3. Play Pokemon
    Pokemon ! They’re everywhere! So when stuck in traffic, a walk is ideal. And a walk means: time to catch some Pokemons! Don’t worry about your car, no one’s going to steal it. It’s stuck in a traffic jam! Leave your car, take a walk and catch some Pokemons!

  4. Sing Out Loud
    Pick a song you love, shut your windows and press play. Get into it, really feel the song and hit those high notes. Fellow commuters driving by, may find this entertaining to watch but do you really care? And think about, you’re entertaining them as well! This is traffic jam therapy!

  5. Read A Book
    Always carry a book. Always! Grab a good book and disappear in the utopia of what you’re reading. Doing so will tickle your imagination and help you distract from the thought of traffic.

  6. Wallet Cleaning Sessions
    Traffic jams make you completely idle, you could embark on a 5 minute wallet cleaning session. Empty out receipts that have been accumulating in your wallet for months, they’re making your wallet fat for no reason!

  7. Shop Online
    Traffic can consume a lot of your time, particularly your time for shopping. While stuck in the middle of the traffic, browse online catalogues and prices of the items on your shopping. A clean wallet and a new wardrobe, who knew traffic could be this productive!

  8. Calls
    We recommend this only if you have Bluetooth in your car or a hands free headset. Calling a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while can be totally refreshing when you are stuck in traffic. Sure, you could always tweet or message them, but catching up with a phone call will be more rewarding.

  9. Social Media
    Traffic jams are the perfect place to see pictures, videos on Instagram, let out steam by tweeting about the situation and so on.Tell your parents, social media helped you survive the monsoons traffic jam! We bet they’ll be proud!

  10. Paint Your Nails
    Ladies, there is no time like the time your car comes to a standstill in the middle of the road to paint your nails! Imagine: no one to disturb you, ample time to dry, and so perfectly glossy nails!

  11. Dream on
    Take a good, long look at your life, think of all the good things, dream about getting rich, plan a vacation. No jam can outlast your day dreams……

  12. Make lists
    Monsoon traffic jams are the best time to write down to-do list for the day. You can also make your grocery lists, guest list for that weekend party you have planned, and get organized. See, again: long traffic jams are productive!

  13. Selfie sessions
    Quick, brush your hair, dab on some powder, and pout. The driver's seat makes a good backdrop and don't forget to post some online. You can start counting the likes till the signal turns green!

  14. Games on your phone
     Heavy traffic can spike your stress levels. Stimulate your inner gamer with fun games installed on your mobile phone! A racing game should definitely help!

  15. Strike a conversation
    Guys and ladies, traffic jams give the perfect time to strike a conversation with that pretty/handsome person you have been eyeing. Traffic jams as a social bonding platform? Not bad eh!

  16. Call Mom
    No, you can't talk on the phone while driving, but there's no rule that says you can't do it when stuck in a jam. Go hands-free, call your mom and contribute to the family gossip!

  17. Watch a movie or series
    Haven’t seen a movie lately? Did you miss an episode of your favorite series? Long monsoons jams are the perfect time to catch up on them!

  18. Crossword Puzzle or Sudoku
    Take the challenge of solving mind-boggling Sudoku or crossword puzzles in the newspaper. Puzzle compilations can be downloaded on your phone too! Start solving genius!

  19. A new language
     Are you interested to learn French, German, or Spanish? You can utilize your idle time commuting by learning how to speak a foreign language. Get a book or download a language app and learn on your own!

  20. Munch On
    Our true love: Food! Don’t let yourself starve in the middle of the traffic
    . Eat as much as you can! Sandwiches, peanuts, soda or whatever food you can grab!

  1. These pointers should help you out in those long monsoon traffic jams!
    Jams on the road, but what about the boredom in those long flights?

          Let us help you out there too!