Grip Your Seats! 7 Short Horror Films that will Leave You in a Cold Sweat

Even if you get scared too soon and too easily, you can’t stop watching horror movies. There’s nothing like anticipating the moment when a monster appears on the screen. Or even the sleepless nights, yes nights, after you have watched a super scary movie.

But just when you thought you had watched the scariest movies out there, we’ve got you this line-up of short horror films you must watch. Get ready to be terrified!

  1. Lights Out You won’t be sleeping with the lights out after watching this one. Actually, you won’t be sleeping at all.
    Lights Out Source - vimeo.com
  2. The Last Time I Saw Richard This award-winning film has a lot of demons. Watch at your own risk!
    The Last Time I Saw Richard Source - theyellowagency.com
  3. He Dies At the End The title tells you what happens, but do you know how it happens? Watch and find out!
    He Dies at the End Source - lastbenchers.net
  4. Mama Even if you watch this one in broad daylight, you are going to want company for the night. This one is pure terror.
    Mama Source - popoptiq.com
  5. Autumn Harvest Be ready for seventeen minutes of pure nightmare-inducing horror. You will be scared out of your mind after watching Fredrik S. Hana’s masterpiece!
    Autumn Harvest Source - gofilm.no
  6. 2AM: The Smiling Man After seeing this one, you will never see a smile in the same way again. Ever.
    2AM The Smiling Man Source - littlegatepublishing.com
  7. The Whistler An unknown monster who is obsessed with monsters and whistles while you sleep. No, the nightmares aren’t going away anytime soon.
    The Whistler Source - Youtube.com
Don’t forget to check for monsters under your bed, guys!