Godfather of Email Changed our Lives in More Ways than One

Raymond Tomlinson, the man behind inventing the email has died at the age of 74 of a suspected heart attack. He was also a key driver in the development of standards for the "From", "Subject", and date fields found in email messages today.

Here are 5 ways in how he brought revolution in our lives:

  1. We could easily connect with our loved ones with the email coming our way. There has been a steady decline in the number of letters in the last 15 years.
  2. Earlier used in accounting to represent at the rate of, the symbol ‘@’ that is so significant in our lives today came into being with email getting introduced. Thanks to Raymond Tomlinson. @ acted as a link between the user name and the host domain. Eventually it has become the source of communication across various digital channels.
  3. With emails coming in, there were millions of people who had the liberty to work from home through emails and phone calls. Hail the email pioneer.
  4. Email saved trees. An absolutely no brainer, email is eco-friendly.
  5. For any personal or professional communication, email has helped us over communicate and express ourselves as much as we can without any restrictions or word limits.

RIP Raymond sir!