Goa? More like No-a! 9 Reasons Why Goa is an Overrated Holiday Destination

When we say Goa, you say NO! Sorry for being party poopers, but Goa isn’t as rad as it’s hyped up to be. Sure, it is a fun place to be at. Beaches, parties and water sports, what more could you ask for? Beyond all the attractions the place has to offer, there are issues that make it pretty blah. Goa possess a lot of freedom. But with great power comes great responsibility and Goa is like an irresponsible teenager. Here are 9 reasons why Goa shouldn’t be your vacation choice:

  1. Beach, please! With over 50 beaches, you’d expect an empty beach all to yourself. Unfortunately, the most popular beaches, like Calangute beach, are ill-maintained and swarming with tourists. If you want  peace of mind, this is not the place for you.
    source- www.holidayhomegoa.com source- www.holidayhomegoa.com
  2. Food or Money? Goa has a lot of delicious food to offer. The problem? Expensive food shacks! You won’t be disappointed with the menu, but the prices will burn your wallet. So what would you rather do? Save money or stay hungry?
    source- www.goseekandhide.com source- www.goseekandhide.com
  3. Chaotic Carnival Flashy floats, extravagant dances and colourful parades are the highlights of the Carnival. However the city will be polluted with noise and hills of trash. Vehicles will clog the pavements and cause major traffic. The city will be in absolute chaos. Let’s just watch it on Tv!
    source-  goastreets.com source- goastreets.com
  4. Creeptown Since the city allows us freedom in minimal clothing, don’t be surprised by the peeping creeps. Boys with binoculars are known to watch women in bikinis at the beaches in Goa. Some people come there just to ogle the tourists. Doesn’t feel very comfortable, does it?
    source- ryantconaty.wordpress.com source- ryantconaty.wordpress.com
  5. Persistent sellers Goa runs on tourism. So brace yourself for street sellers who will annoy you to death. They increase the price of their products depending on how touristy you look. That toy you bought is actually for Rs.5, not Rs.50.
    source- www.global-gallivanting.com source- www.global-gallivanting.com
  6. Hyped nightclubs Youngsters go to Goa for one thing - the rave parties. Although Goa has a fun nightlife, most of the nightclubs are boring. The alcohol may be cheap, but the entry cost makes up for it. Also, the music generally consists of bad remixes which are total buzzkill.
    source- ppgreview.ca source- ppgreview.ca
  7. Meter-less cabs Due to the lack of public transport, you will have no choice but to take a cab. They ride without a meter and charge prices way higher than they actually should be. Unless the cab is prepaid, it is a waste of money.
    source- www.outlooktraveller.com source- www.outlooktraveller.com
  8. Mugged Away Resorts in Goa are unsafe as far as your valuables are concerned. You can’t afford to keep them in your hotel room This leaves you dragging your stuff wherever you go, with high chances of you getting mugged.
    source - www.express.co.uk source - www.express.co.uk
  9. Drug abuse Acid, ecstacy or weed, Goa has it all. Dangerous drugs are being sold to 13 year olds! Many cases of death due to drug overdose have been reported. Even if you don’t plan on taking drugs, some drinks are spiked to get you in the mood.
    source- www.huffingtonpost.in source- www.huffingtonpost.in
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