Gift To Your Friend Or Yourself? 7 Gifts That Are Perfect For A Booklover!

What’s that we hear? It’s your friends’ birthday? They are hardcore booklovers and you don’t know what to gift them? Fret no more! We have here, a list of things that are mind-bendingly clever and serve as the best gifts for a booklover! Note: You might just keep them for yourselves!
  1. Floating Bookshelves Are they fans of witchcraft and wizardry? *cough Harry Potter cough* Well, this is just the right gift then!
    Source - funkygifts.co.nz Source - funkygifts.co.nz
  2. Book-Scented Perfume Ah! That comforting smell of a book! Here’s a perfume that smells exactly like it! Faith in humanity: RESTORED!
    Source - demeterfragrance.com Source - demeterfragrance.com
  3. Book Tissue Box What about those times when the book is just too touching? You definitely need a book-style tissue box right? Note: Will also come in handy when your friend starts crying because she loved the gift so much!
    Source - alicdn.com Source - alicdn.com
  4. Handy Bookmark Do you have friends who want to mark EXACTLY which line they left off reading? Here’s the ultimate gift for them!
    Source - allusefulideas.com Source - allusefulideas.com
  5. Bed-Prism Glasses For those times when you need to lie down and read but also don’t want to break your neck! This one is REVOLUTIONARY!
    Source - dudeiwantthat.com Source - dudeiwantthat.com
  6. Personalised Embosser Want each book to carry your friend’s name? Leave a mark on them by gifting them this!
    Source - horchow.com Source - horchow.com
  7. Thumb-Ring Page Holder Your friend will love you after this. Guaranteed!
    Source - odditymall.com Source - odditymall.com
So, which one are you ordering for?