Get, Set, Marathon! 11 Important Tips to Keep in Mind During Marathon Training

So you think you can run a marathon! Well, nice to hear that you are up for something this challenging!

But, wait, how will you begin? Everyone, including you, is sure to be confused. Well, no fear, dear future marathoner, here are some tips to start with!

  1. Remember when they said ‘discipline is the key to success’? Well, make a schedule, maintain a running diary, and follow it until the very end!
    Source - running-physio.com Source - running-physio.com
  2. You are training for a 30km marathon, that doesn’t mean you run the whole distance from Day 1. Start with 4km, move to 6, then 10, and you will soon reach your target!
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  3. Skip. Yoga. Join a dance class. Take a break from running and indulge in some cross training. Not only will you get a break, but also your muscles!
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  4. If you think you need some guidance, find a marathon trainer. If you think you won’t be able to commit, find a running club who will help you to commit! 4 Running club
  5. Don’t match your strength to your routine, instead match the routine to your strength. This will make all the difference!
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  6. Like Prince Charming went around looking for the right feet for the glass slippers, you need to go around looking for the right running shoes. Oh, yay, shoe shopping!
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  7. Say ‘pass’ to pizza and yes to healthy proteins and carbs. Also keep in mind to get nutrition from the source rather than supplements. Got it? Good!
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  8. During marathon training, breaks are not just good, they are AWESOME! Take two days off in a week to rest your body and mind.
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  9. Don’t ignore injuries. If you don’t let yourself recover, you will only regret later!
    Source - runnersworld.co.uk Source - runnersworld.co.uk
  10. Talk to friends, family, fellow runners, even complete strangers if you have to for that extra dose of motivation. You know you will need it!
    Source - thesexysinglemommy.net Source - thesexysinglemommy.net
  11. Forget the pre-marathon jitters and like Nike says, JUST DO IT!
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