Get Lost! 9 Cool Mazes That Will Make You Love Being Lost

Did you love solving puzzles as a kid? We did too! Finding your way in and out of a maze makes you feel like a winner. What’s even better? When the maze isn’t just on paper! If you’re passionate about puzzles, you’re bound to love the mazes we’ve picked for you. Never has being lost & found been more thrilling than this. Some mazes are over centuries old and have complex structures. Put your thinking cap on because we’re going to get lost, on purpose! Here are 9 mazes that you will love to run around in:
  1. Top Pearsy’s Maize Maze, England Potterheads, get your wands ready! This amazing maize maze has Harry Potter’s face on it, not once but twice. The largest maize maze in Europe, this is also the world’s biggest spot for finding the differences between the two faces. Feel the magic as you run through his face. Just kidding!
    source - www.dailymail.co.uk source - www.dailymail.co.uk
  2. Ice Maze, China Do you want to build a snowman? Don’t bother! In 2009, China hosted the Snow and Ice Tourism Fair which included an entertaining ice maze. Fluorescent lights in the ice made this maze feel really mysterious. Wear an extra sweater, because this is going to take some time!
    source - www.abc.net.au source - www.abc.net.au
  3. Van Gogh Museum Maze, Amsterdam Artist Van Gogh’s sunflower paintings are classic art pieces . To celebrate the opening of the museum, a sunflower maze was set up at the entrance. 125,000 sunflowers with their burst of yellow made everyone happy to walk around the maze.
    source - news.artnet.com source - news.artnet.com
  4. Teichland Maze, Germany Looking for something less complex? This easy brain teaser is one of the simplest mazes in the world. If you turn right at the entrance, it’s a straight route to the exit. But if you’d like it to be more exciting, go left and roam around a bit!
    source - www.pinterest.com source - www.pinterest.com
  5. “aMAZEme” Labyrinth, England This maze is a haven for book lovers. 250,000 books were used to build this artsy maze, which funded a project to help fight poverty. Bookworms who navigated through the maze were also given an audio tour about celebrating literature.
    source - www.mnn.com source - www.mnn.com
  6. Mirror Maze, America The Mall of America has one of the world’s biggest mirror .With colourful mirror frames, this is one of the coolest places to get lost in. Stop admiring your reflection already! Start finding your way out!
    source - beautyandmakeupmatters.com source - beautyandmakeupmatters.com
  7. Oktoberfest Maze, Germany Trippy lights, everywhere! This psychedelic maze was installed to get your mind blown while you enjoy beer. With bright and flashy lights, you’ll be too hypnotized to find a way out!
    source - gizmodo.com source - gizmodo.com
  8. Dole Plantation Pineapple Maze, Hawaii Welcome to the fruitiest and world’s biggest permanent maze. The center is shaped like a pineapple, made with croton plants. Unlike most mazes, if you finish this maze super fast you win a prize! Be prepared though, because this maze is 2 miles long and the fastest man took 7 minutes only!
    source - www.thousandwonders.net source - www.thousandwonders.net
  9. Cellophane Maze, Austria This artistic maze puts hedge mazes to shame! Artists Robert Glenn Ross West and Markus Mueller wrapped transparent plastic between trees to make this 5-mile maze. The maze is meant to be a metaphor for life.
    source - ravepad.com source - ravepad.com
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