Geeky is the new Sexy

I have met a fair share of interesting and good looking girls in my life so far. Every one of them has been different and unique; possessing a distinct personality from each other. What I am most attracted to when I meet a woman for the first time is her mind; and her sense of humour. I she chooses to speak on topics of conversation that are of an intellectual and at a level of higher order and purpose, I find it absolutely riveting.

Intellectual topics of conversation need not be limited to esoteric and let’s face it, somewhat elitist and armchair activist-ic topics like politics, social causes, obscure literature and other such bullcrap. I can learn to love to talk about any given topic or thing under the sun, and nothing really bores me. Even mundane and everyday things can be made into heated and oftentimes poignant points of discussion. Case in point is a something like the popular nineties sitcom Seinfeld. Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld often wrote about the most random and trivial things in their shows but the overwhelmingly positive and popular reception that they did enjoy was because of the level of depth and understanding that they brought to the plotlines and script. It was genuinely written, and you could get the feeling that the authors actually had personally faced similar situations on the show in their own personal lives.

Back to topic now, and I think it would be a good time to point out that I absolutely hate, nay, despise half knowledge in people. People who think that they know everything that needs to be known about a certain piece of knowledge simply because they were privy to a minute nugget of information regarding it need to be harshly rapped on their knuckles in my own humble opinion. Case in point – Printed T Shirts. With so many topical tees coming out these days and flooding the market, overwhelming the casual fashion scene and all, there are all these people wearing Metallica T shirts without even hearing a single song from the band. Honestly, I met a girl at this party last week who was absolutely rocking a South Park T shirt with an amazingly creative graphic, but she didn’t even know Eric Cartman. I was honestly disgusted and freaked out. I was also a bit disappointed with the direction we are taking our intellectual selves as a society.

Printed and geeky topical T shirts are available everywhere and people are buying them in droves to look cool and blend in with the geeky crowd. With geeky becoming popular all of a sudden, what with all these jaw dropping and popular Marvel and DC movies; modern society in general has moved to a point where yesterday’s nerds and geeks are today’s sex symbols. Aao kabhi haveli pe is also a fance and geeky that is sexy.Geeks with a Xiami Redmi 4A Back Cover are the best though.