Gearing up for the Canadian Grand Prix? Think again

Excited for the weekend? The Canadian Grand Prix. Have you ever tried sleeping watching a football game on the television? It’s impossible, because every time you close your eyes there’s roar from the crowd and you’re snapped back to reality. Is it the same for Formula 1? The buttons! Why? Well, Formula 1 racing is quite different. Once the cars have zoomed away from the start line, it feels like a predictable script that’s being developed as you watch it. You’d never hear the crowds ‘ooh’ and ‘ah’, cause there aren’t any of those ‘oh’ and ‘ah’ moments. Till the late 90s F1 racing was at its best. Why? Because, it was basic. You had an engine, a steering wheel, a gear stick, a driver and that’s about it. Now, whenever the camera gives you a shot of the driver in the car cockpit, all you see is a steering wheel, the gear shifting happens behind the steering wheel and tones of button. The buttons on the steering wheel, what are they for? Who knows? Honestly, who cares? The Main Problem Now let’s talk about the engine and aerodynamics. Heavyweights like Ferrari, Mercedes, Red Bull Racing, Renault, and Williams have all the money and resources to spend on research and development of the engine. What about the smaller teams like Caterham, Mclaren Honda, Sauber, Force India, Haas, Manor and Marussia? Only way these teams can win? Luck! But in Formula 1, luck doesn’t matter, the money invested in teams matter. As a result of this, you know who’s reaching the podium after the second lap. Also, the head honcho of Formula 1, Bernie Ecclestone says that no one can afford the products made by sponsors. Excuse me, Mr Ecclestone! What’s the point of those big stickers on these Formula 1 cars then? The only thing that hasn’t changed about Formula 1 are the pit stops. Well, now that’s a savour. Tyre change anyone?