Funny Or Downright Brilliant? 7 Of The Best Advertisements Ever!

With increasing competition in the markets, there’s one thing that can definitely up the scales of a company – advertisements!

Ingenious advertisers know the key to leaving a lasting impression on the minds of people. Many have come up with advertisements that are simply brilliant and the one element that makes advertisements go viral is humor. Be it innuendos, puns or mocking of somebody or something.

So, here are 7 of the funniest advertisements ever!
  1. Guys, pray for rain!
    Source - blogger.com Source - blogger.com
  2. Durex’s advertisement for their XXL condoms is simply ingenious!
    Source - dailyartcocktail.com Source - dailyartcocktail.com
  3. Scotch tape: extra strong!
    Source - oddstuffmagazine.com Source - oddstuffmagazine.com
  4. If you’re looking for a sign from God, here it is!
    Source - lolwot.com Source - lolwot.com
  5. Don’t be stupid. Protect yourself!
    Source - lolwot.com Source - lolwot.com
  6. When you see it, you’ll crave fruits!
    Source - lolwot.com Source - lolwot.com
  7. The other side of America!
    Source - justsomething.co Source - justsomething.co
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