9 Bollywood Songs That Will make Your Ears Bleed

Music is a phenomenon that doesn’t discriminate – there’s a note, song or tune for every emotion that exists. And marking the universality of this phenomenon was ‘Word Music Day’ celebrated yesterday, June 21st. There was a time when Bollywood songs were loved by people of all ages. However, times have changed today and how! Not only does the music sound like someone’s hammering our head, but also the lyrics have progressively worsened. Let’s look at these 9 most hated Bollywood songs of all times:
  1. Pink Lips (Hate Story 2) – Okay we know you want to show off your lips and also sound sexy. But this just doesn’t. Sorry not sorry! We can’t not be mean here.
    Pink Lips - Bollywood Songs Source - idiva.com
  2. Alcoholics (The Shaukeens) – Ways to be an 'alcoholic'. The writer was surely drunk when he wrote this song. Agree or agree? Never mind, we know your answer.
    Alcoholic - Bollywood Songs Source - idiva.com
  3. Callertune (Humshakals) - This is a perfect example of getting addicted to mobile phones. Yes, out of all the beautiful things in this world, we’d surely love to get addicted to PHONES!
    Callertunes - Bollywood Songs Source - idiva.com
  4. Johnny Johnny (Its Entertaining) – You certainly don’t want your kids to learn this version of 'Johnny Johnny'. Don’t even dare play this song to them, kids are quick learners. Remember?
    Johnny Johnny - Bollywood Songs Source - idiva.com
  5. Tumse Milne Ka (Action Jackson) – Where has all the romanticism gone these days? Gosh! We wonder how the next generation will define romance!
    Tumse Milne Ka - Bollywood Songs Source - idiva.com
  6. Happy Budday (Kill Dil) – This is how you ruin a birthday song, ladies and gentlemen! Literally a moment killer of all times. Don’t ruin birthdays at least!
    Happy Budday - Bollywood Songs Source - idiva.com
  7. Chaar Botal Vodka (Ragini MMS 2) – This song teaches you the desperate effort to rhyme. It’s an absolute good-for-nothing song. If you’re a beginner at song-writing, you absolutely don’t want to pick this song to learn.
    Chaar Bottle Vodka - Bollywood Songs Source - idiva.com
  8. Ice-cream (The Xpose) – Heights of sounding cute and flirtatious at the same time. Now you know you shouldn’t mix the two. You’ll only make a fool out of yourself!
    Ice Cream - Bollywood Songs Source - idiva.com
  9. D se Dance (Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhaniya) – This songs gives a 'nobody cares' feeling to everybody who’s tried listening to this song….or at least we hope so! *Please say yes*
    D se Dance - Bollywood Songs Source - idiva.com
Since yesterday, was celebrated as ‘World Music Day’, we recommend you to improve your taste in music. Want some recommendations?