From desk to date – do the check shirts

I work late hours. Like a lot. I arrive at office early and work through till easily close to ten at night. Tapped out after work, I love to hang around; go to dinner with friends or catch a late nightcap with my special someone. Needing to be dressed appropriately for all occasions, I find myself lately gravitating towards a more contemporary and chic style of clothing instead of the usual drab formals like plain shirts, formal trousers, and leather slip-ons.

Office shirts for men have always been dull and boring, with little room for creativity and aesthetic in terms of their purpose. Wearing a proper collared and cuffed formal shirt reeks of conformity and a passionless reason to live. With the emergence of a more casual and informal organizational structure across all industries, however; I have now started to experiment more often when it comes to trying out new fashion at work. It started with me not wearing a tie to work, switching from a full suit to a combination kind of look. I then went on and on from there. Progressing slowly; I started incorporating denims and formal shoes, moving on to easy casual jeans and Woodlands.

That was around the time that I absolutely fell in love with check shirts. All colours and all styles. My wallet was burning as I kept on adding to my vast collection of these shirts. Woodland style, Manhattan checks, Highland checks, denim shirts, all black shirts…you name it, and I had it in my collection. It was so damn easy and convenient to wear around the office, and was perfect for after office social meet ups, especially if I had a date lined up for the evening. The number of good looking pairings and combinations that are possible with the versatile, cool, and casual look of a nice and easy on the eyes check shirt. Darker shirts with lightly coloured chinos or khakis, or a more tempered approach using pastels are amazing if you want to look good on a night out with your girlfriend.

Checks on a shirt is basically convenience personified. It looks and feels absolutely fantastic and is a great confidence and comfort booster whether in office or at the club. Now with fleece and softer fabrics available, it is even easier to keep one of these worn for extended periods of time, allowing for a greater degree of freedom when it comes to picking out a wardrobe and sticking with it. A very lovely feature of check shirts is the way that the print is so deep and solid that it can enhance almost any other piece of clothing and/or accessory that you may decide to wear alongside it.

From desk to date, the humble check shirt has indeed come a long way from merely being associated with classic American lumberjacks and the working class. The haveli t shirt is a great way to really hit it off with your date. And so is showing off your new Redmi 4A Back Cover.