Found Love While Traveling? Here’s How You Can Make It Work

We’ve seen those whirlwind romances that can only survive in a Hollywood or Bollywood script. You know, the ones where the lead travels to this gorgeous destination, falls in love with a local and, in some magical way, it all works out into a happy ending. Sure, it’s ideal and oh-so-romantic, but what they don’t tell you is how unrealistic it is, too.

Finding love while traveling could be the kind of romance right up your alley, but keeping the spark going for the both of you, even after the honeymoon period, is the challenge. Here’s how we’ve figured out how to achieve that perfect love story:

  1. Bridge that communication gap well
    There’s no possible way we could stress on this enough. It doesn’t mean you talk to each other ALL THE TIME. But make sure you balance your conversations: keep it light, don’t tiptoe around the uncomfortable topics. If you only talk about the future and how much you love each other, it’ll soon get suffocating and tiring to be part of this relationship.
    source - mic.com

  2. Use every path you can to connect with each other
    Let’s keep it real: this is going to work just like a long distance relationship. You need to go the extra mile to keep it going, because otherwise it’ll end in awkward silences and broken hearts. Use modern technology – Skype video calls, letters, sending photographs and short videos will all build your communication skills and help strengthen your relationship against the distance between you two.
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  3. A beautiful relationship can easily be twisted by lies
    In most situations, all you two rely on is talking. It’s the only way you can continue to learn things about each other and understand how to make it work. If you hide how you feel or lie, it will only create complications that you do not need. Allow your partner to know what exactly is going on in your mind, and give them the space to do the same.
    source - masculineintent.com

  4. Your life isn’t just about your relationship
    We get it, finding someone as awesome as you SO can make you want to just gush about them and talk to them all the time. But don’t ignore other things in your life. Invest in important relationships, like friends and family. Work on your interests outside of the relationship, too. Grow in your relationship, as a couple and as an individual.
    source - trudimurray.com

  5. Make a trip for that date night you two deserve
    Make organized plans to meet your love every some time. Fix a date, plan a couple of activities, but also make sure you don’t cram your schedule with things to do. It’s very likely that if you don’t spend some mellow time with each other, you might not be able to adjust in your relationship when you two start living in the same area.
    source - weheartit.com

  6. Decide your end game
    Unless, of course, you were wanting a vacation fling all along, discuss your common goals with your partner. Talk about where you want this relationship to go, and work towards it. While you’re at it, remember that you both belong to different area codes and cultures – learn to take your differences maturely.
    source - greatist.com


If you feel like maybe all of this is a little too much for you, we’ve got many ideas for how you could enjoy staying single!