Food Lovers, Would You Dare to Eat These Weird Dishes?

Being a certified hardcore foodie, you have never restricted yourself from experimenting with food. Why would you? It’s food and you don’t discriminate when it comes to food!

But, before you put your foot in your mouth, think whether you would try just about every delicacy around the world. Because looking at some of these dishes from around the world, we think you would some guts (and a strong stomach as well) to try these!

  1. Balut Eating eggs is alright, but a fertilized duck egg WITH the baby still inside is another thing altogether. Think you would eat it?
    Source - Wikipedia Source - Wikipedia
  2. Fried Tarantula Fancy some fried food? Just a bit different from your usual fried chips, this Cambodian delicacy is on many people’s must-try list! Time to take your love for food to a new level?
    Source - traveleatfun.com Source - traveleatfun.com
  3. Puffin heart This one’s not for the fainthearted. And most definitely not for those who think puffins are adorable creatures whose hearts should be removed their bodies and eaten. Question is, would you have the heart to try it?
    Source - stylecaster.com Source - stylecaster.com
  4. Habu sake In Japan, snakes are drowned in jars of sake (Japanese rice wine) and it’s said to have medicinal properties like enhancing the male libido. Sounds like something you want to try?
    Source - asiaotaku.com Source - asiaotaku.com
  5. Shirako We thought eating fish eggs would be the end of it, but not for some people. In Japan and Russia, shirako or fish sperm (yes, that’s what it really is) is a luxury to eat!
    Source - Gourmettraveller Source - Gourmettraveller
  6. Cuy Bien A traditional Peruvian dish, we are sure you will be up for Cuy Bien or cooked guinea pig. Did we mention it is low on fat?
    Source - travelstart.co.za Source - travelstart.co.za
  7. Blood Tofu No, that’s not chocolate or anything close to that. Apparently someone thought lumps of pig’s blood would be a delicacy people would enjoy eating? If you haven’t lost your appetite yet, we suggest you go for it!
    Source - Gastrolust
YUM (?)