Find Out the Sign You Have the Least Zodiac Compatibility With!

Two people from our friend group were fighting a lot and someone commented, “That’s so typical of
Gemini and Virgo!” We were just like, “Huh? What does that mean?
Well, turns out you are just not meant to be with certain people after all. And you know what? It doesn’t
depend on whether you like each other or not, but on your zodiac sign. Crazy, we know! But then we
started observing, and it’s most definitely true! Aren’t getting along with someone? Well, find out what
zodiac sign you are bound to clash with the most:
1. Aries – Cancer
Traits of Aries: Courageous spirit and enthusiastic soul
Traits of Cancer: Shifts between being moody and reserved
Reason: Imagine this: a person who likes to do CRAZY things like cliff diving and another person
who loves a quiet dinner at home. Sounds like an unlikely pair, right?! They are proof that
opposites don’t attract!
source - http://i.huffpost.com


2. Taurus – Leo
Traits of Taurus: Practical minded and most responsible person in the room.
Traits of Leo: Cheerful, but also very stubborn to deal with.
Reason: Both Taureans and Leos are stubborn AF so it’s kind of impossible for them to be friends
with each other. Word of advice: never leave them alone in a room together. Things can get
source - http://ghk.h-cdn.co


3. Gemini – Virgo
Traits of Gemini: Friendly, curious, and always open to new things.
Traits of Virgo: Shy, constant worrier, and workaholic.
Reason: The Gemini won’t gel with someone who’s shy and the Virgo will get irritated at the
Gemini for being too friendly for them to handle. Clearly not a match made in heaven!
source - www.zastavki.com


4. Libra – Capricorn
Traits of Libra: Workaholic but gentle and fair.
Traits of Capricorn: Workaholic but disciplined (sometimes too much) and know-it- all’s.
Reason: Both of these love their work way too much, but they approach it in entirely different
manners. Do you notice two people always fighting at work? Libra and Capricorn!
source - timesopinion.tumblr.com


5. Scorpio – Aquarius
Traits of Scorpio: Born leader, brave, and distrusting.
Traits of Aquarius: Independent and moody.
Reason: Get two people born under these sun signs together and you are asking for trouble.
While Scorpios want people to follow them, Aquarians would rather do their own thing. So, NO!
source - http://65.media.tumblr.com


6. Sagittarius – Pisces
Traits of Sagittarius: Hates clingy people and promises more than they are capable
Traits of Pisces: Too emotional and trusts people too soon.
Reason: Isn’t it obvious? Someone is super trusting and someone who fails to meet
expectations. Who would expect that to work? No one! Sagittarius and Pisces, sorry to break
your hearts, but you are just not meant to be.
source - http://www.relatably.com