Fashion’s love affair with the comic universe

Fashion is now increasingly becoming about taking elements from our surroundings more than ever. The trend is now to reflect comic books, movies, and other elements of pop culture into our daily mix of fashion. The focus, at least when it comes to casual fashion brands, is on topical themes instead of just patterns, colours, and aesthetic looks. The aim now is to make a statement that ties in to your pop culture affiliations. Comic book based movies; especially superhero based ones are not glutting the box office and many fashion brands are now going all the way to cash in on this trend. There are currently in the market a bunch of brands; both online and offline, who specialize and pride themselves on selling printed accessories and the like based on these current and topical trends. It is indeed a cash cow being fully exploited by the industry and the public at large gets to wear their heroes in their fashion. Printed T shirts are a prime example of an emergent sub-industry.

Producers of this kind of apparel have tried their best to shorten their supply chain and maximize efficiency across all levels of production. The aim is to deliver fast fashion and maintain constant churn in terms of sales turnover. The target audience should keep consuming the product and this model encourages the apparel industry to have shorter and tighter inventory cycles; with scarcity leading to sales and eventual publicity and customer approval along with validation of the brand as a whole.

With the new Logan movie by Marvel studios, and the upcoming release of Guardians of the Galaxy looming over us, it is fair to say that another comic book related fashion trend is over the horizon, with lots of money to be made by marketing movie and character related merchandise such as T shirts, collectibles, souvenirs etc. 

Fashion is one of the most creative and striking forms of expression one can adopt and comic book based movies and media are so popular right now that fashion is whole heartedly embracing and embodying these changes into current and popular trends.

It’s gone far more ahead than simple Batman symbols and logos on plain Tees. Outfits, attires, and specific looks are emerging that seek to imitate or exemplify comic book references and culture in general.

Comic book characters themselves have very distinct looks that are specific to their on screen/on page personality and this is a very fertile ground for fashion to take inspiration from. Take for example, the green and gold of the upcoming Aquaman movie, or the iconic blue and red of Spiderman – Homecoming, slated to be released later in this year; there are a seemingly endless places to take both aesthetic and clothing personality related inspiration to build a unique and chic overall fashion statement that is perfectly in sync with the times and trends. It’s much like that aao kabhi haveli pe meme.