FACE PALM or ROFL! 7 Anonymous People Share their Bizarre ‘Make Out’ Stories

Being adventurous with your guy in bed or foreplay in public can be extremely exciting but embarrassing as well if gone wrong. So you can either choose to ignore such times when shit happens or just brood over it like the world came to an end. If you aren’t doing any of these, you can actually sit and read these hilarious (often dangerous) sex stories of random people who have let their hearts out. And comfort yourself thinking you aren’t alone.

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  1. I am 440 pounds, she 110. I was so high; I drove her head right through the room’s sheet rock wall. My first reaction was “I killed her”. Fortunately she came out alive. We dated for sometime but eventually split.
    Source -  love.allwomenstalk.com Source - love.allwomenstalk.com
  2. “We got cockblocked by stoners”. We were in high school and my boyfriend and I were doing on a park bench. We were in mid-intercourse when we saw these stoners who were apparently very high coming towards us. Guess, they wanted to get high there.
    Source - www.chickensmoothie.com Source - www.chickensmoothie.com
  3. We were in the middle of great doggy style, and I squirted. Like an unplanned one! Obviously, he didn’t see that coming. Surprisingly he got even more high and did me harder.
    Source - queenofalltheworld.tumblr.com Source - queenofalltheworld.tumblr.com
  4. I am a nurse by profession. So, last week, I had to give a sponge bath to an extremely hot male patient. I tried to keep this professional, but when it was time to wash his back, I accidentally said “Move over” instead of “Turn over”. He gave me a huge grin and said, 'Oh, I don't know if there's enough room, but trust me, I'll try!'
    Source - fhg.officesexjp.com Source - fhg.officesexjp.com
  5. I was fingering her that day and accidentally broke her hymen. She hasn’t met me in weeks in a row.
    Source - theflirtyreader.com Source - theflirtyreader.com
  6. We were having a fun time at his apartment and we thought of something crazy. So I pushed in a beer pong ball into his back door and we had to hospitalize him. But the doctors couldn’t help get that out until he coughed so hard, the ball came flying out his butt.
    Source - theflirtyreader.com Source - theflirtyreader.com
  7. He bit me so hard on my clitoris, I started bleeding. I made him leave and went to my gynae.
    Source - theflirtyreader.com Source - theflirtyreader.com

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