FACE PALM! 8 Hilarious Lines Painted On Indian Trucks

Driving behind a truck in a slow moving traffic is not always boring. Especially if trucks like these drive in front of you. Let's look at 8 Truck Quotes which won't let you resist your giggle. Such entertainers, I must say!

  1. Want to come to Khandala? Don’t leave my side, love: Because acting a little filmy does no harm.
    1 Truck Signs India Source - holidify.com
  2. Take posin but do not believe on girls: Ignoring the spelling, autocorrect wasn't an option back then! He meant "POISON". The driver has surely had some life changing experiences trusting girls. Haha!
    2 Truck Signs India Source - allindiaroundup.com
  3. SATYAVACHAN! All my guy friends reading this, you have supporters who feel your pain on the road as well. Such typography, much attention seeking! Wow!
    3 Truck Signs India Source - gustakhimaaf.com
  4. 'This tree of Neem is not less than Sandal, Lucknow is no less than London.': Either you say our country is great or you simple put it in a quote. *Slow claps*
    4 Truck Signs India Source - holidify.com
  5. Oh you who eyes my truck and luck, may you live on for a hundred years and your children die alcoholics!: Morbid is surely the new polite.
    5 Truck Signs India Source - uthtime.in
  6. Awaaz Dedo ( Throw me a shout!) : Typical Bollywood poster style in bright colours. Not bad! Being all subtle at the driver behind the truck to shout out, just in case.
    6 Truck Signs India Source - holidify.com
  7. India is great! : No one misses painting this because patriotism must be displayed. Left, right and centre!
    7 Truck Signs India Source - wicllow
  8. Oh! No No! He meant dipper, but you surely can appreciate the pun. LOL!
    8 Truck Signs India Source - ibnlive.com
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