EXPOSED! 17 Things that you Think When you’re Down on a Guy

Aspire to see his little buddy going big? Eyes already shouting BLOW JOB, Mouth screaming EAT UP! Mind says, DO THE DEED! While at it, here are 17 sure thoughts that run in every girl’s mind when she’s down at him:
  1. FWT, do I really need to do this and gaze at him? Source -
  2. He better repay the favor
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  3. Oh better, I thought it to be saltier
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  4. Wow, thanks for shaving your man-garden
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  5. Can I make him cum already? Is he moaning?
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  6. Where am I supposed to look, wait, ok!
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  7. Dude, is it 10 minutes, can we just have sex now?
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  8. This man thing is perfect for my vag walls
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  9. My mouth has better curves than Beyoncé’s overalls; I am so hot, and it’s not even funny!
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  10. This was my brunch for the day, ill eat dinner directly now
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  11. Is in love with me yet? Or, well, haha chuck, focus
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  12. It feels like I have run a marathon with my mouth, high five to million angels!
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  13. I can do nastier, because, duh, I am a boss bit*h
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  14. Well done me
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  15. How many blow jobs does he get in a day apart from me?
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  16. Oh God, it’s happening
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  17. Oh annnnnddddd he lost, LOSER!
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Warning: This can get awkward but still is too much fun!