Everybody, On Board! 7 Famous Cruises You’d Want to Sail Right Now

Whenever someone says cruise, we think Titanic. No, not the iceberg part, but the luxury that a cruise provides! Because if you can have it on land, why not extend it to the sea as well, right?!

So, here, they are, the best of the best and the most luxurious of the lot, seven cruises that you’d want to board right this moment:

  1. Celebrity Eclipse We think the name’s kinda perfect for this ship, don’t you? With so much luxury on board, anyone would feel like a celebrity!
    Source - aufdiekreuzfahrt.de Source - aufdiekreuzfahrt.de
  2. Disney Fantasy Still dreaming of Disneyland? How about Disney on sea? That’s right! All the magic and excitement that Disney gives you on a cruise ship! We are totally booking this!
    Source - elcomercio.pe Source - elcomercio.pe
  3. Freedom of the Seas Get this: this ship has a water park! Water Park while you are at sea, how great is that? And that’s not even the beginning of what this ship has to offer!
    Source - tirun.com Source - tirun.com
  4. Norwegian Jewel Land? What’s that? Excuse me, but if we ever step on this ship, we’d never get off! Sea life forever!
    Source - honghoonlee Source - honghoonlee
  5. Eurodam Know what sophistication looks like? It looks like the Eurodam! This Holland America Line cruise is high up on our travel list!
    Source - worldmaritimenews.com Source - worldmaritimenews.com
  6. Regal Princess From movies under the night sky to the dramatic Seawalk, the Regal Princess is what our dreams are made of!
    Source - worldtraveledfamily.com Source - worldtraveledfamily.com
  7. Seven Seas Voyager Luxury unbound! The Voyager is the perfect cruise to take when you want to feel spoilt with luxury. And of course, a little too rich!
    Source - iglucruise.com Source - iglucruise.com
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