Ever wondered why tickets are cheaper on Tuesdays? Here’s why!

All of us love travelling, don’t we? But buffs, do we know the tricks that should really go around our travel plans?

Not many people are actually aware about the travelling perks that come in when you travel on a Tuesday! Not kidding folks. Studies suggest that the tickets are much cheaper on this day and Tuesday is indeed touted as the cheapest day of the week for travelling.

Here’s why!


Most people are working on weekdays or their children are in schools, because of which; most people cannot travel during these days. This in turn makes the weekends the busiest for travelling. Therefore, most of the tickets get booked on either Fridays or Saturdays or Sundays. The seats that remain post these bookings are actually the leftovers that need to be sold out soon. Hence, when the executives come to the office on Monday, by then, they know what has been sold and what has not. They can see the availability of the seats and hence gauge how many still need to be sold (based on whether it is a holiday season or not). They make a good calculation of this and next day, (i.e. Tuesday) they cut down their prices by afternoon to try and make a sale of the seats that are yet to be filled.

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Tuesday is the busiest day for travel companies. And like we mentioned above, the new prices are put up on this day. In order to overcome competition, they slash the prices even further to match the competitors’ pricing strategies; this indirectly provides us with amazing deals that are not really available all week!

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How to do it

Days to consider: Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the cheapest days.

Days to avoid: Weekends are the most expensive.

Timing to consider: Try booking for overnight or early morning or during lunch or dinner time. This is because most people do not travel around these hours. So you can save some extra bucks here also.

Best day to return: Domestic trip - Tuesday, International trip - Wednesday.

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New Study

A new study says that Tuesday might not be the best time to buy tickets anymore. Why?

Because people these days are aware of travel tactics to save money and book either on a Tuesday or any other time of the week if not a Sunday. Hence, nowadays, it does not matter much about when you decide to buy a ticket. What really matters is when you choose to travel!

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