Ever Wondered Why Doctors Have Sloppy Handwriting?

So, in the past, we have all heard stories of patients dying because of taking wrong medication, haven’t we? Only and only because of a doctor’s untidily written prescriptions or their absolutely slopping handwriting that even our chemist person could not understand! They are so bad at their writing that we feel like we are in a world of hell when it comes to reading them. Ever wondered what makes them write that way?

Find out here!

Years of writing

Doctors have been doing a crazy amount of writing since med school where they have to take large number of notes in a very, very limited time! This puts them in a habit of writing fast and hurriedly and they continue to do the same till the time they retire from the doctor business; because the same goes in hospitals where they have to fill lots of forms or other things quickly.

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Time constraint

Doctors have to pay a lot of attention at the diagnosis of each and every patient, listen to them intently and at the same time keep up with the ‘taking note’ part. It all needs to be done in a stipulated time period. This is because they have many patients to attend to in a day and the queue of patients really makes them go at a lightning speed so that they can optimize.

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Not for the public

Most of the doctors today essentially only write for themselves or their peers or nurses or the other people involved at the hospital/workplace. Since doctors generally start off their professional life in the Emergency Room or Causalities section and end up joining the consultation field much later, they might happen to work closely with those sections too. For a matter of fact, their handwriting is only for those concerned with the medical world.

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Doctors happen to use a lot of abbreviations we don’t know about, which are not just English but Latin too. They also use jargons and specific symbols for status with peers, to save time and for easy understanding with the pharmacists. Hence, it is said that if you are aware of this language of theirs, prescriptions are pretty readable to laymen too!

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Tough spellings

Doctors are human beings as well. They too, at times, forget the names of such tough medicines or can be bad with the spellings or can simply only remember the first two letters of a particular medicine. Hence, many a times, they actually end up only writing the first two letters of a medicine while scribbling the rest of the word (if you’ve noticed that is).

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Sign & Forgery

They have to sign tons and stacks of papers in a day for different purposes depending on their position and work load that too with absolutely little time left on their hands. So, in order to do it fast and avoid any kind of forgery in the future, doctors squiggle through quick and generally keep their signatures in the form of a scribble which is much more time saving and even more complex to forge.

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Because of such fast writing, let us just say that doctors attain a very sloppy personal style of writing over the years and we can say that we definitely do not like it!