Espresso? No, Thank You! 9 Ways to Boost Your Energy Without Caffeine!

Take your eyes off the laptop and look at your desk. Notice all the empty coffee cups littered around it? Yes, you consumed all of it!

But, wait, you drank that much coffee in what, just half a day? That’s way too much even for someone who is extremely exhausted. Well, no time regretting it now! All you got to do is find a way to stop relying on coffee and find something else to help you stay awake. How you ask? Here are some techniques we’ve tried:

  1. Get your dose of B Vitamins! Not only are they better for your health, they also help your body produce energy. Midday fatigue? Gone!
    Source - sacnutritionist.com Source - sacnutritionist.com

  1. What does it for you? Rock? Blues? Old Bollywood classics? Listen to the kind of music that gives you a kick like coffee never can!
    Source - medicaldaily.com Source - medicaldaily.com

  1. Love coconut water? Well, drink some every day because it has the right dose of minerals and potassium to keep you going!
    Source - blog.lucybee.co Source - blog.lucybee.co

  1. Think of hitting the coffee machine again? Reach out for a glass of water instead! Water slows down some of the systems in your body which will make you feel less tired. Tested and proved!
    Source - womensforum.com Source - womensforum.com

  1. Work’s getting to you? Stand up from your desk and take a walk, even if it’s only to your work friend’s cubicle!
    Source - findlaw.co.uk/ Source - findlaw.co.uk/

  1. Notice somebody in the office who is way too enthusiastic to be true? Go have a small chat with them! Their energy is bound to wake you up!
    Source - hercampus.com Source - hercampus.com

  1. Keep protein-filled snacks in your bag all the time. Assorted dried fruit, peanut butter sandwiches are the best sources!
    Source - eatthis.com Source - eatthis.com

  1. You know this one, but you still choose to ignore it: go to bed early. Even sleeping 15 minutes earlier than your usual time will help you stay energized!
    Source - thaimedicalnews.com Source - thaimedicalnews.com

  1. Been at home all day and still feeling lethargic? Take a cold shower and you will notice all the difference! Also, good routine before work!
    Source - examiner.com Source - examiner.com

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