Don’t Drink and TEXT! 7 Drunk Texts That Prove Why!

Drinking and texting - the most lethal combination ever known!

We’ve all been at the sending and the receiving end of drunk texts and we’ve got to admit, the next morning is not cool man!

There are some drunk texts that are bad but others are downright hilarious. So, here are 7 drunk texts that will leave you in splits!

  1. When you’re drunk you WILL answer your own texts! 1
  2. Observational skills are heightened under the influence! 2
  3. A little forgetfulness is okay! 3
  4. Ummm…is there a drunk dictionary available? 4
  5. “I didn’t say it. Vodka did!” 5
  6. When you have to explain stuff to people in their language! 6
  7. This person screwed up. So bad. 7
So next time you are drunk, ‘accidentally’ forget your phone at home!