Do These 5 Things, You won’t Lose your Mind in Traffic Next Time

We’ve all, more often than not, been stuck in traffic jams. We have all also wished for a flying car and/or had meltdowns in our cars. There is one common emotion that all of us have felt in such a situation: ANGER. So while others around you are cursing and honking, here are some useful things you can do instead of bursting blood vessels:

  1. Karaoke Sessions! Blast your favourite pop music playlist and sing out loud as if no one’s listening! You are bound to get a few weird looks from neighboring cars, but that shouldn’t stop you from having some good old fun! If you are travelling with friends, you could easily start a karaoke session right in your car! Sing out loud
  2. Strike a Conversation There is no need to stay in denial; you ARE going to be stuck in that jam for a long, long time. Roll down your windows and say hello to the person next to you. Who knows, you might just get a new friend out of your dilemma. If not that, you will at least have someone to rant about the traffic with! Conversation
  3. Catch Up! Your friends have been angry at you because you have been too damn busy to meet or even text. Pick up your phone, catch up on all those messages, plan something with your friends, or call a beloved friend to catch up on gossip! This is the best way to spend your time if you are commuting alone and it will also make your friends happy! Catch up
  4. Become Internet Famous! If you are traveling with a bunch of friends, what better way than clicking selfies and some Dubsmash-ing? Pout, pull off funny faces, and enact some of your favourite movie dialogues. The traffic is not going anywhere, but you will have a fun time and get some likes on your Instagram post! You might even become an internet celeb because of your hilarious videos! driver-selfie
  5. Doze Off When life gives you a traffic jam, take a nap! There will be days when you won’t be moving even an inch for hours and hours and hours. Catch up on some precious beauty sleep! You will be refreshed by the time you get out of the jam! Kick back and zzzzzzz! Sleep

Traffic jams are usual for all city residents and you’ve got to make the best out of the situation! Next time you are stuck in traffic, don’t waste that precious time and try these!