Dive! Swim! Click! 30 Breathtaking Underwater Photographs!

Life underwater seems pretty awesome! The coral reefs, the plants, the water animals and the pure beauty of the ocean is what draws everyone to it! The ocean, according to us is a playground for the passionate. The wild and adrenaline junkies are doing all sorts of crazy things like around the world expeditions, surfing, jet-skiing and even fishing! A few of them and even come up with underwater restaurants. And a few of have gone a step higher, or should we say deeper. Deeper with photographs! These photographers have captured the true essence of the ocean. A passion for the ocean! Now that’s a lesson we millennials should always keep in mind! No matter what your passion is, always follow your heart. In this case, it’s underwater!

  1. Oh! Look, we finally found our beloved Nemo!
    Cris Dip

  2. Amidst a circle of friends.
    Zena Holloway

  3. A fishy couple!
    Camilo Acuna

  4. Awwh! This little cat is hungry.
    Eldad Hagar

  5. Just a little glow under the sea!

  6. Now that’s macro photography at its best!

  7. Up and up in an upside down angle!

  8. Is that a Pokemon?

  9. We think the real Pokemon live underwater!

  10. Hello Humans!
    Tanguy Sauvin

  11. In 1938, love underwater was very different!
    Bruze Mozertom

  12. Who would have thought swimming would have been this scary!
    Tom St George

  13. And we found another Nemo!
    Tracy Jennings

  14. Aren’t you in love with the tentacles?
    J. Lambusphoto

  15. Contradictions happen underwater! Who knew!
    Dustin Humphrey

  16. Water makes every situation more poetic and graceful!

  17. Fishie in a cage!

  18. Modelling has indeed reached new depths!
    Anatoly Beloschin

  19. Dance like you glow in the dark!

  20. Girls! Pouting inspirations?

  21. An alien underwater!
    Tracy Jennings

  22. The circle of life!
    Jennifer ONiel

  23. Look, the traffic down there. It’s worse than the Mumbai traffic!
    Jennifer ONiel

  24. What up!
    Jennifer ONiel

  25. When’s this boat leaving?
    Adyin Tanal

  26. Oh I’m drowning into an underwater world!

  27. Yawnnnn!!! I’m too lazy for work today!

  28. OMG! A roller coaster underwater!
    Jennifer ONiel

  29. All alone, floating in style!

  30. A dance underwater to feel the rhythm!

    Aren’t you inspired by these breathtaking photographs? Yes, you are!
    So get your camera gear and start clicking.
    But before that! Time to brush up some swimming skill!