Dirty Dancing! 7 Dance Inspired Workouts That Will Make You Fitter!

There are two types of people in this world- people who love intense workouts at the gym and really enjoy the exercises. And others who consider going to the gym more of a chore!

However, achieving a fit physique doesn’t necessarily mean you have to chain yourself to the treadmill. Working out can be fun too!

Here are 7 dance inspired workouts that will make you love work-outs!
  1. Ballet Barre Try a ballet barre workout if you’re looking to increase your flexibility. This trendy workout will get you fitter and more flexible in no time!
    Ballet Barre Source - leanitup.com
  2. Zumba Popular these days, Zumba combines dance styles as salsa, mamba, merengue with martial arts and aerobic exercises. Lessons involve fast and slow alternating rhythms for maximum calorie burning.
    Zumba Source - hebridesdance.co.uk
  3. Ballroom Ballroom dancing is based on having strong core muscles while focusing on intricate leg and arm moves.
    Ballroom Source - hubspot.net
  4. Belly dance This Middle-Eastern dance involves almost every muscle in the abdomen resulting in strong muscles and abs. (Shimmy your way to a sexy stomach!)
    Belly dance Source - pluslifestyles.com
  5. Jazzercise The lessons include jazz dance, resistance training, Pilates, yoga, and kickboxing. This exercise is as fun as its name!
    Jazzercise Source - viewmagazine.ca
  6. Hip hop While you’re learning to pop, lock and drop, you’ll be improving your core strength. Bonus: Some badass dance moves to show off to your friends!
    Hip hop Source - umkc.edu
  7. Hula This Hawaiian dance is a gentle exercise for your abdomen. Rock those hips, gurl!
    Hula Source - bellaonthebeach
So, get up and get dancing!