Did You Know? 5 Places That Are Famous For Their Superstitions!

Have you ever been told not to open an umbrella indoors? Who am I kidding? This is India! Obviously you have!

But if I tell you there are actual places that have either been left deserted or proclaimed haunted just based on these silly superstitions, will you believe me?

Read further and you definitely will!

  1. Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan Rumor has it that long ago, a local black magician fell in love with Princess Ratnavati of Bhangarh (she was supposedly very beautiful). He bewitched a cosmetic that the Princess was supposed to use. However she smelled suspicion and poured the cosmetic over a massive boulder instantly killing the magician. While breathing his last, he cursed the entire fort of Bhangarh and the curse prevails till date. Spooky huh?
    Bhangarh Fort Source - amazingindiablog.in
  2. Aleya Ghost Lights, West Bengal These Will-o’-the-wisps – marsh gas apparitions – are often spotted hovering over the marshes in West Bengal. Nothing superstitious there? Well, local fishermen think of these lights as ghosts of dead fishermen who signify danger!
    Aleya Ghost Lights, West Bengal Source - Blogspot
  3. The Church Of Three Kings, Goa According to beliefs, three Portuguese kings were fighting over the kingdom of Goa. One of them, named Holgar, called the other two and poisoned them in this church to claim the throne. However, the locals came to know of this and came to kill him. The king himself committed suicide to save himself from the embarrassment. Now that’s a story!
    The Church Of Three Kings, Goa Source - Blogspot
  4. Kuldhara Village, Rajasthan It is said that Salim Singh, the minister of the state, fell in love with the daughter of the village head and desired to marry her. The villagers did not agree with this. Salim Singh threatened them with grave consequences but the villagers did not cave in. Instead the people of 85 villages left this place and vanished. Never found again! The village remains deserted till date!
    Kuldhara Village, Rajasthan Source - lakshmisharath.com
  5. Agrasen ki baoli, Delhi Recently in news because of Aamir Khan’s movie PK, this place is said to be haunted. Why you ask? Rumor has it that this place was filled with black water that enticed visitors to jump into it or go in deeper. Creepy!
    Agrasen ki baoli, Delhi Source - hunt.in
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