DESI WORKOUT! 7 Desi Sports Which Will Help You Get In Shape

A sport comes with so many advantages. If you aren’t the workout kinds, you must try on some sports and see how it efficiently works wonders on your body and health.

Here are 7 such Indian sports which will help you get in shape:
  1. Kabaddi – KABADDI! KABADDI! KABADDI! This sport works tremendously on your stamina and speed.
    1 Kabbadi Source - soloway.me
  2. Kho Kho – One of the best sports to improve on your mental fitness and concentration levels.
    Kho Kho Source - blograja.com
  3. Wrestling - Kushti basically, is the best sport to get an excellent cardiovascular shape.
    Wrestling Source - supdelhi.com
  4. Gilli-Danda – This sport is one of the oldest sports played in India. Gives you great concentration levels and works on your speed.
    Gilli-Danda Source - dostpakistan.pk
  5. Mallakhamb – The king of all workouts, Mallakhamb proves to be the best at gaining a masculine body and improves on your balance and concentration.
    Mallakhamb Source - nahursportsclub.com
  6. Thoda – The martial arts of Himachal Pradesh, improves your mental fitness.
    Thoda Source - scoopwhoop.com
  7. Yubi Lakpi – A traditional way of playing football but with a coconut instead of a ball. Helps amazingly to strengthen your muscles and increases stamina.
    Yubi Lakpi Source - e-pao.net
So now that you know about these sports, it’s a must to try them once and see the magic it does to your fitness! Scroll some more to red about sports and fitness. We’ve got you covered!