Dancing Puts Me In A Magic Bubble And All My Problems Are Outside It

I have two passions, dancing and studying Science. 

I’ve been dancing since the age of 5, which was when I first started to learn ballet. I’ve danced for 17 years now, learning other western dance forms as well. When I dance, I’m just present in the moment and nowhere else. It feels like I am free, like air. Dancing puts me in a magic bubble and all my problems are outside it.  

I managed to balance studying and dancing till my final year of Bachelors in Biotechnology. I wondered if I would do well as a dancer, so I took a break and learnt dance. I found that I was a quick learner. I realised that had I continued studying Biotechnology, I would have missed dancing every day. Last year I finally got qualified as a dance instructor! I am really happy because I love to teach dance. Every class is different because I am challenged with creating new choreography.

However I miss studying Science sometimes, so I want to continue some of that as well. I feel like education is also an important part of life. I want both dancing and studying Science in my life. So I plan on doing a 1 year diploma in non-invasive cardiology sometime soon.

Shivani Mistry