Comedy as a profession? 7 Indian comedians who are HILARIOUS

These guys have taken “comedy as a profession” a bit too seriously. Give them a mike and they’d kill you. Their weapons? Insults, sarcasm, jokes, dark humor and anything that comes outta their mouth. Don’t believe me? Just attend any one of their shows and I bet you’d die laughing. These 7 are the best comedians our country has ever seen.

  1. Papa CJ

The British gave us a lot. In return we gave them Papa CJ. He hits them right where it hurts, with his jokes obviously. You make fun of our country, we’ll send CJ to your country. You’d probably change your citizenship after attending his gig.

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  1. Vir Das

Known for his rude, raw and sexist jokes, Das just wouldn’t give a shit if you’re offended. He’d just go on and on. You’d recognize him by his poor choice of films. But guess what? He makes fun of them too.

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  1. Gursimran Khamba

From a blogger to a radio jockey and now a comedian. Khamba’s northern influence humor can put you in a laughter riot. When you think of AIB you think of a khamba.

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  1. Cyrus Broacha

No Indian list is complete without a Parsi. Cyrus Broacha is a very respectful figure in the Parsi community. Broacha states “I am a very respectful figure because I am the only Parsi comedian”

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  1. Sorabh Pant

Awesome levels of expressiveness and tons of energy is what Pant is all about. Hrithik Roshan has dubbed him as "the funniest guy on stage".

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  1. Azeem Banatwalla

An engineer turned comedian. Azeem with Sorabh Pant started the East India Comedy Group. Banatwalla is the main highlight of the group.

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  1. Sunil Grover

Admit it. You can never get bored of this guy. Grover is the backbone of Kapil Sharma’s show. Grover would do anything to entertain the television audience.

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