Chug! Chug! Chug! 7 Glow-In-The-Dark Drinks To Experiment With At Your Next House Party

If you want to start the party our right, you have to impress your guests with your awesome bar-tending skills. Lighting a cocktail on fire has become too mainstream. So what do you do then? You serve glow-in-the-dark drinks to them! But before anything else, you should know that they all need black lights to glow, but you already knew that, right?   Here are 7 amazing drinks you should serve at the next house party:  
  1. The Frosted Mummy – The frosted mummy glows golden yellow near a black light and the rim also glows slightly. How cool does that look now!
    Glow drink Source - beverage-recipes.wonderhowto.com
  1. Aurora Jungle Juice – What this cool drink really does is appear pink in normal lights while glows aqua-marine under black lights.
    Alcohol drink Source - beverage-recipes.wonderhowto.com
  1. Green Scorpion – A drink that has Vitamin B, it glows yellow under black light, but if you add blue food color to it, you make the bright yellow turn into a neon green under black light. Looks creepy AF right?
    Glow drink Source - in.pinterest.com
  1. The Sparkling Boo - The neat thing about this drink is that it will have several different colors, depending on how the light hits it. Cool to another level!
    Source - in.pinterest.com Source - in.pinterest.com
  1. Toxic Slime Jell-O – Toxic slime is the easiest to make. You just use tonic water instead of regular water. The Jell-O will glow a bright green color under the black light. Trying it already?
    Source - in.pinterest.com Source - in.pinterest.com
  1. Hyde’s Potion – This drink is made of vodka, blackberries and lime juice. Dry ice is the key ingredient here. It’s going to make your drink look all Halloween ready!
    Source - www.hgtv.com Source - www.hgtv.com
  1. Black Widow Shot – Black vodka, cranberry juice and red sugar crystals is all it takes to make this drink the best drink of the party! Also, the red sugar crystal rim looks sexy and glows at the same time!
    Source - www.hgtv.com Source - www.hgtv.com
  What are you waiting for? Plan a house party soon!