CHIC ON THE BEACH! 7 Essential Items For Every Beach Girl

A little key preparation and you're good to go have fun in the sun. Be sure to have a backpack ready before you're headed to the beach this summer. Here's a list of things you're going to need:
  1. Beach Bag Not too tiny, not too huge. Just the perfect size to fit in everything to use. A beach bag is always going to help keep your items in place.
    BeachBag Source - arrows-sails.com
  2. A Great Suit You're missing out on a key beach essential if you do not pick a perfectly fitting beach suit for yourself. Pick the one which will suit your personality well while you head to the sand and the sun.
    beach suit Source - nastiashop.com
  3. SPF Throw some oil-free SPF in your beach bag when you pack. Who'd want a sunburn or dry skin after a great day at the beach, right?
    SPF Source - hercampus.com
  4. Towel A soft towel is always helpful if at all you get sunburns. It can also be used to lie on, instead of a beach chair. If not anything, it surely is needed after you're done enjoying the salt water bath on the beach.
    Source - shutterstock.com Source - shutterstock.com
  5. Sun Glasses Pair your sun glasses with your suit and add some chicness to your beach wear. Beach time is that one time you'd want to look something different than cute.
    Woman wearing sunglasses Source - ever-pretty.com
  6. Lip Balm Chapped lips on the beach? Nah! You don't want to spoil your perfect beach look by avoiding this. A lip balm is always an essential item in the summers.
    Lip Balm Source - popsugar.com.au
  7. Fruit Flavoured Water It's always good to carry iced water with some frozen cubes of mix fruits or your favourite ones. Keeping your body hydrated is always important.
    fruit flavour water Source - pinterest.com
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