Change Your Name, Please? Censor Board Suggests Removing Punjab from Movie Title

The Central Board of Film Certification has gone ahead and done it again! Earlier in May the Board suggested 40 cuts to the makers of Udta Punjab, who later approached the board for an ‘A’ certification. Now, not only has the revising committee suggested 89 cuts, but also asked the filmmakers to remove the word ‘Punjab’ from the title. Wait, that’s not it! They have also been asked to remove any references to Punjab in the film and set it in a fictional land. The reason behind this decision? CBFC chief Pahlaj Nihalani says, “It is against the guidelines of the CBFC to defame any person or community.” The movie apparently will show Punjabis all over the world in a bad light. This film censorship decision by the board has once again led negative opinions about it. Director Anurag Kashyap, who has also co-produced Udta Punjab, tweeted, “There is no film more honest than Udta Punjab…and any person or party opposing it is actually guilty of promoting drugs.” He has further compared the board to dictatorial North Korea since it goes against the right to free speech. While we are all excited for this Shahid Kapoor starrer, it looks like the Indian censor board is here to wash it away.