BUSTED! Once you Know these 5 Reasons, You’ll Have MORNING SEX Everyday

Imagine waking up to the jolt of a boner in the morning, by your bae! Coffee can wait, isn’t it? That first feeling of orgasm coursed through your veins, nothing like it! Sex first thing in the morning, is absolutely the best kind of sex….like ever!

Here are the top reasons why morning sex is surely the perfect thing in the morning:

  1. You start off the day in a high mood. Fresh mood, thanks to morning wood (in guys)! Wake up just to get laid again for another umm say 20 more minutes for an orgasm, anything more ideal? NO! Repeat after me, NO!
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  2. Morning sex means you can go all gross and sweaty just to step into shower just a while later. Glowing and full of spark! #Blush
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  3. You can cheat your gym, while you have a banging session in bed. Convincing? Hell yeah!
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  4. You last longer in the morning. You will score full points in the morning. #kthanksbye
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  5. Fights off stress, sexual arousal first thing in the morning is a great way to stay happy through the day
    Source - Mother and Baby Source - Mother and Baby
Morning sex is so much fun, and more sensual than anything else in the morning. So, get, set, bang!