Busted! 5 Food Myths That You Should Know About!

Credits - Zainab Haji

For all of our lives, we’ve believed the age-old myths that are fed to us by our ancestors. It’s easy for them to become popular and do more harm than good. So, we’re here to bust these myths! Read on for straight facts and opt for better health!

  1. Myth: Honey is better than sugar Fact: A teaspoon of honey contains 22 calories whereas a teaspoon of sugar, only 16. Glucose, fructose and carbs in honey will cause collagen damage - just like sugar! So, next time you add honey to your mug of herbal tea, think again!
    Source - Healthy Food Balance Source - Healthy Food Balance
  2. Myth: Eggs increase cholesterol levels Fact: Eggs don’t actually contribute to high cholesterol levels. On the contrary, they keep cholesterol levels in check by monitoring saturated fat in your diet.
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  3. Myth: Lesser carb intake means a healthier you Fact: Healthy carbohydrates like whole grains are a must for a well-balanced body. Higher intake of whole grains = lower body weight!
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  4. Myth: Raw veggies are more nutritious than cooked ones Fact: A popular generalization is that cooking takes away the nutritional value of food items. However, there are loads of vegetables (and even fruits) like tomatoes and carrots, where cooking actually increases their nutritional value. Cooking ensures easy digestion of food that will ultimately benefit your body.
    Source - Renegade Health Source - Renegade Health
  5. Myth: Eating lots of carrots improves eyesight Fact: Carrots contain beta-carotene which the body converts into Vitamin A. While carrots can help prevent Vitamin A deficiency, eating lots won’t help you see better.
    Source - Tonic Photos Source - Tonic Photos

Now that you know the facts, you know better!