Brave Enough? 7 Extreme And Unusual Adventure Sports That Are A Must-Do For All Thrill-Seekers!

Tired of regular bungee jumping? Is rafting no longer a rush? If standard activities aren’t doing it for you, you need a more intense adrenaline rush! Here are a few sports that take regular activities up a notch! From crocodile bungee to cliff diving, these activities are the ultimate high for any thrill-seeker! So, checkout these 7 unusual, extreme and sometimes downright dangerous adventure sports!
  1. Crocodile Bungee Bored of the regular bungee-jumping? The Aussies spice up this sport by bungee jumping into a pool full of live crocodiles! Now that’s extreme!

  2. Limbo skating A craze in India, limbo skating – roller skating under cars – requires flexibility, strength and balance of a gymnast!
    Limbo skating Source - telegraph.co.uk
  3. Underwater hockey With the added element of potential drowning, underwater hockey makes ice-hockey look like child’s play! The rules are similar to that of ice-hockey. Players use small wooden or plastic sticks and a puck weighing over a kilogram.
    Underwater hockey Source - uwrugby
  4. Buzkashi A variant of polo, Buzkashi is an extreme sport played in Central Asia. The difference between traditional polo and Buzkashi is that this sport is played with a goat or cow carcass.
    BUZKASHI Source - dostpakistan.pk
  5. Volcano surfing Racing down an active 2,380 ft. volcano at speeds over 80kmph on a plywood surfboard-like structure is considered as the most extreme sport by thrill-seekers.
    Volcano surfing Source - webshots.com
  6. Cliff diving Cliff diving is the riskier variant of regular diving. Divers dive into water from a high-cliff braving rough rocks and the hard-hitting water. Standard heights of 23-28 meters have been set to minimize the risk factor!
    Alain Kohl - Cliff diving Source - redbull.com
  7. Slacklining The performer balances himself on a flat, nylon webbing that is stretched tightly between two anchor points. Christian Schou holds a Guinness World Record for the highest slackline at 3,280 feet!
    Slacklining Source - satujam.com
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