Bottled Up! 7 Things To Know About Red Wine

Along with obvious uses as an alcoholic beverage, red wine has many other practical applications. Here are 7 things you didn't know about red wine:
  1. Red wine slows down aging – Are you reading this, ladies? Physicians claim a daily glass of red wine slows human aging.
    Source - www.stylecraze.com Source - www.stylecraze.com
  1. Red wine can power cars – Yes you read that right! An English team used red wine as a biofuel to run a vintage auto on the alcoholic content.
    Source - www.velocity.co Source - www.velocity.co
  1. Prevents heart attacks - The antioxidants in red wine help clear the arteries from fat build-up, a cause of heart attacks. Sip on it already!
    Source - www.mirror.co.uk Source - www.mirror.co.uk
  1. Red wine can heal - In ancient Europe, warriors returning from battle were met by maidens with cloths dipped in red wine to relieve their bumps and bruises. Try it next time you’re bruised and see the magic.
    Source -  www.livestrong.com Source - www.livestrong.com
  1. In some countries, wine is for children too – Woah! Now this is what we needed to know. In France and other countries, it’s allowed for younger children. Countries like France and Germany leave it up to the parents.
    Source -  www.theguardian.com Source - www.theguardian.com
  1. Makes you smarter - The chemical polyphenol in red wine ups the flow of oxygen to the brain, thus making it function more efficiently. Now you know the trick!
    Source -  www.telegraph.co.uk Source - www.telegraph.co.uk
  1. Makes great ice cubes - Freeze them in an ice tray. They make a colorful and tasty surprise when you serve them in drinks to guests. And to serve them with some munchies, what better than a PIZZA! Read about some unique ones here! 
    Source - www.buzzfeed.com Source - www.buzzfeed.com
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