Bored of Bollywood? 7 Indian Indie Bands That Will Pump You Up

Tired of hearing songs about vodka and item girls? Same here. Most of us are unaware of Indian artists who exist outside Bollywood. Indian indie has a nice ring to it right?  Hundreds of artists need recognition, so lend them a helping ear. Get out of the comfort zone that is your current playlist and listen to the bands we’ve listed for you. Below are some indie bands you’re going to be a fan of:
  1. The F 16s Here is an electonica band which takes influence from trip hop, rock and dubstep. Five guys, out of which three haven’t even finished college yet! They’ve performed in cities across India since 2012. Try their song ‘Little Forest Cry’ to hear that extra oomph. 

  1. The Family Cheese It may sound cheesy, but this blues/progressive band is an explosion of fun. Settled in Mumbai, these 3 guys give a rock n’ roll vibe. The unique part is that their drummer is also their vocalist. 

  2. Parvaaz Bangalore-based rock band Parvaaz gives tones of blues, rock and psychedelia. Their lyrics comprise of beautiful Urdu and Kashmiri poetry. Caught your attention, didn’t it? Parvaaz is an Urdu word meaning flight. Fly away with their music! 

  1. Space Behind The Yellow Room Love music that takes you to space? This post rock band takes you far away with minimal vocals. Bengaluru-based, these guys will build you up and break you down with their songs. Have a look at their unpredictable EP, ‘Conversations That Determine A Life’ 

  2. Blek Get ready to rock with this alternative trio that got bored of college. They’re passionate about the right songs rather than seeking attention. They’ve played almost all over the country. Download their EP ‘Hexes+Drama & Other Reasons For Evacuation 

  3. The Local Train Craving songs like those in Rock On? Here you go. The Local Train is an Indian rock/ pop rock band. Arising from Delhi, these guys were ranked #1 by Sennheiser for India’s Top 50 emerging artists. Hit singles, intense videos and explosive acts make this band an all rounder. 

  4. Spud In The Box 6 guys full of passion formed this alternative rock band with catchy and clean music. Their album was released last November and is called ‘Manic’. They brainstorm in a living room in Mumbai filled with a curious cat, a broken typewriter and a scribbled whiteboard. 

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