Boost Energy The Right Way! 7 Energy Foods To Jump-Start Your Day

Next time you feel low on energy, don’t pour yourself another cup of coffee or search for a candy bar. Caffeine and sugar may give you the energy spike, but the crash that follows will leave you feeling more tired than before. Instead, try these 7 foods to help naturally boost your energy and keep you alert all day:

  1. Almonds – Almonds make a great pick-me-up snack. They are pack full of proteins which help you sustain energy throughout the day.
    Almonds Source - ndtv.com
  2. Greek yogurt – This one is a good alternative to the normal yogurt as it has more proteins. Greek yogurt works just fine when you’re low on energy in the middle of day.
    Greek yogurt Source - indiawires.com
  3. Popcorn – Popcorn is rich in fiber and carbohydrates ad it ranks as one of the top energy-boosting snacks for children.
    Popcorn Source - bakeryandsnacks.com
  4. Leafy vegetables – You won’t get the sudden super strength in an instant like Popeye. But leafy vegetables like spinach are packed with iron that helps you feel more energetic.
    Popcorn Source - kalusugan.ph
  5. Whole grains – Eating breakfast with a whole grain component ensures that you will have a fuel source all day.
    Source - cookdiary.net Source - cookdiary.net
  6. Eggs – Eggs are full of proteins and B Vitamins which will provide you a steady energy source. They are great for building muscle mass too.
    Eggs Source - thepioneerwoman.com
  7. Salmon – Salmon is loaded with fatty acids which can elevate your mood and even help you feel energetic throughout the day.
    Salmon Source - freshfoodexpress.co.uk
Which food are you picking on henceforth?