BOOOO! 10 Reasons Why He Didn’t Text you After that One Night Stand

Finally you have the answer to the million dollar question that plagues your mind after you have slept with the hottest guy (perhaps). You sure had a bomb ass time with him but when you go home, he leaves you confused about whether he will call back or not. So unlike him?

Here are the reasons why he won’t text you/ call you back after that night of steamy hours:
  1. Because you are not dating or in a relationship. It was a moment of the night and the night is gone. You didn’t sign up for this, simple! Stop stressing over what kind of game would he possibly be playing.
    1 Romance Source - elitedaily.com
  2. Perhaps he didn’t like you much, as he had expected. Okay, take this concern to the white house. Or just find better guys!
    2 Romance Source - favim.com
  3. Did you talk so much that he went dazed! Would you give few fucks, like two and a half fucks or 3 fucks or no fucks at all? Be yourself, be with people who like you for who you are!
    3 Romance Source - pjmedia.com
  4. He’s married but he didn’t want to disclose this. Creepy eh!
    4 Romance Source - tiphero.com
  5. He lost your number! Quite possible, riddle yourself this! Call Me 555....
  6. He went out of town. Well, so much yes, in no particular order, think about it!
    6 Romance Source - favim.com
  7. You did something that reminded him of his ex, he was possibly in love with. ALL RIGHT, WHY BOTHER?
    7 Romance Source - My Family Law
  8. He is that one of a kind, commitment phobic. You both are two different worlds, take note. Now, go take a nap!
    8 Romance Source - lifedaily.com
  9. May be he doesn’t know that a word called R.E.S.P.E.C.T even exists. Sorry….but, look at it as a blessing in disguise.
    9 Romance Source - Mirror
  10. He just wants to have fun, and not be the hero of your life. He’s not into labels, and you got lucky. Now, beware!
    10 Romance Source - examiner.com
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