Bong This or Bong That! 7 of the Coolest Bongs

When one has a smoking pipe, one can just pull over anywhere and have a quick smoke. But what about bongs? Oh yes, they look good. They serve the basic purpose: smoke and get high AF. A very basic one, but that shouldn’t stop one from bong smoking in style! Now the bunch of crazy and fancy bongs this list holds will blow everyone away! Inspiration to build a bong? Oh, let this list help!


  1. Heart& Lungs Bong
    Now smoke a bong, straight from the heart! This heart and lung style bong was made by the Chesterfield Glass Company who make other unique styles of bongs with prices ranging from about $2,000 to $10,000 a bong. The trippy thing about this is being able to watch the smoke travel through the tubes in reverse order from the heart, to the lungs, and then to the mouth.
    source -  herbtools.com

  2. Alien Bong
    So the aliens have landed and figured out a way to bong smoke in an out of the world manner! The price of this alien bong is somewhere in the thousands and is a product of Illadelph Bongs. Known for their super detailed bongs, Illadelph Bongs has made this bong to create those after stoned good times with the presence of aliens!
    source - pinterest.com

  3. Transformer Bong
    Finally Bumblebee! This bong from the Illadelph Bongs deserves a spot on the ultimate stoner’s shelf! It’s made of glass and painted in a very shiny and vibrant lemon yellow and is much more fun to look at in person! His action packed pose sends a message that he’s ready to be smoked and transform one into a happy stoner!
    source - stonerdays.com

  4. Tits& Dick Bong
    The design is very simple and both these bongs look inviting. The Tits& Dicks Bong will definitely catch everyone’s eyes at a party! We don’t know the maker of these bongs, but we’re sure that couples would love to smoke and play with them! Look at those naughty thoughts circling around your head!
    source - herbtools.com

  5. Crazy Bong
    Now this bong is a beautiful piece of art! A very pretty creation and the mouthpiece is…..well it has to be around there somewhere. There aren’t many bongs that you see that can be classified as confusing but this one certainly earns a place in that category. This glass bong does look like a mini roller coaster ride! And the makers? Yes, you guessed it right: Illadelph Bongs!
    source - pinterest.com

  6. Train Bongs
    Chuu-chuu, next stop: Potsville! This bong has a sort of simple cool simplicity to it and makes it perfect as a coffee table decoration. The curves on it make it easy to pick it up and get high right away!
    source - hailmaryjane.com

  7. Boba Fett Bong
    The craftsmanship to make this bong? Pure excellence! This piece was created by the awesome glass blowers over at Sin City Glass Pipes. One of the coolest aspects of it is that one can actually wear it. The mouthpiece is inside of the helmet and the lighting has to be done from the outside. A wonderfully designed piece of work that is specifically engineered to get one stoned AF and make them the deadliest assassins in the Star Wars universe!
    source - stonerdays.com

    Aren’t these bongs cool and fancy?
    Now that one has the right bong, only stoner anthems can set the mood right!
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