BITTER LOVE! 7 Dark Chocolate Bars You’d Want To Binge On To Reduce Stress

Ever found yourself stressing over something and found nothing to feel better? Have one of these dark chocolates in your bag at all times to decrease your stress levels:

  1. Aloha Superfood Chocolate – While binging on this chocolate to relieve stress, you also get nutrients like raspberries, spinach and spirulina.
    Aloha Superfood Chocolate Source - thefriendlyfig.com
  2. BarkTHINS Snacking Chocolate – Pumpkin seeds and almonds make this dark chocolate healthier and thus helps in decreasing stress levels.
    BarkTHINS Snacking Chocolate Source - poweredbyplantz.com
  3. Green and Black’s Organic Dark Chocolate – With 85% cocoa content, this bar of bitter chocolate is just the thing you’ll want to binge on when in stress.
    Green and Black’s Organic Dark Chocolate Source - huffingtonpost.co.uk
  4. Raaka Virgin Chocolate – This one has sea salt in it and contains unroasted beans which makes it a perfect brain booster.
    Raaka Virgin Chocolate Source - wanelo.com
  5. Pascha Organic Dark Chocolate – Made with Peruvian cocoa, this bar of bitter chocolate is surely a new thing to try when in stress.
    Pascha Organic Dark Chocolate Source - examiner.com
  6. Sweet Riot Dark Chocolate – This chocolate is rich in fibers and Omega-3s. Perfect blend of healthy and stress-free.
    Sweet Riot Dark Chocolate Source - hsn.com
  7. Antidote – Probably the only dark chocolate with 100% cocoa. Relieves your stress from 10 to 0 in no time. You’re just a nibble away!
    Antidote Source - antidotechoco.com
So don’t stress, eat a chocolate!