Bird Lover, Are You? 9 Birding Tips for the Beginner Bird Watcher

Pet birds? Pch, what’s that? We like seeing birds in their natural habitats, and even more so if they are rare or exotic species of birds!

Would you be interested in an activity like bird watching too? We mean, it involves going into the wild, and that’s something we know you love! Here a few pointers to keep in mind before you begin bird watching:

  1. You know when the school librarian said ‘ssshh’? Yeah, same applies when you are out bird watching!
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  1. If B is for birds, B is also for binoculars for bird. It would be silly to not carry them, wouldn’t it?
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  1. Did you know that migratory birds visit your city in the winter? Now find out what areas they usually flock to and head there!
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  1. If you are a noob, join a bird watching club or make a plan with a person who is already a pro at it. Bird identification made simpler!
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  1. Record what you see! Keep a note of all the birds you spot, because it will definitely come handy on your next trip!
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  1. It’s a kingfisher, it’s a hoopoe, no, it’s just a common myna! Refer to books to learn about bird species before you go so that you don’t fumble out in the wilderness!
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  1. Avoid windy days because bird calls are more difficult to hear and hot days because birds are inactive when it’s hot! Choose a nice day and you are sure to spot birds!
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  1. Want to flaunt that you see some exotic birds? Well, good pictures of birds are just a few tutorials away!
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  1. This pointer is last so that you don’t forget it: be patient! There might be times when you won’t spot any birds, that doesn’t mean bird watching is a waste of time! Just. Be. Patient.
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