Beware! Avoid Falling Prey To These 7 Mistakes While Travelling!

Credit - Zainab Haji

If you think you are too good of a traveler to make silly travel mistakes - think again!

Even the best of travelers are bound to make some errors while travelling *cough Columbus cough* but we’ve got your back!

Here are a few blunders that you should avoid!
  1. Don’t exchange money at the airport If you want to pay crazy exchange rates, then be my guest. But if you’re economical (read sensible) then use an ATM or a good-rate exchange kiosk at your destination.
    Exchange Source - deviantart.net
  2. Don’t keep all your money in the same place If you keep all your eggs in the same basket, they’re sure to break! Divide and store!
    Pocket of full Money Source - wealthprospects.com
  3. Don’t over pack Do you really need those 5 pairs of shoes? Or that dress that you ‘think’ you’ll be wearing? Pack light!
    Suitcase Source - pinkelephantbloggin.com
  4. Make copies of important documents Have a hard copy of your documents (passport, IDs, etc.) with you and scanned copies on your email.
    Safe Documents Source - budgetdirect.com
  5. Don’t stick to the tourist trail Don’t follow the herd! Explore and mark your own trails!Tourist Trail
  6. Don’t forget to make a budget Create a realistic budget and allow some breathing room for unexpected expenses.
    Piggy Bank Source - flipkey.com
  7. Don’t have an overambitious itinerary Planning to see the whole country in one visit will make you feel unaccomplished. Be flexible and don’t be afraid to change plans.
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Next time you travel, hack and pack!