Best Songs to Listen To While Smoking Your Joint!

Music and marijuana are the perfect combination! That happy buzz playing in the background while you reach cloud nine is what perfection is! Keeping this in mind, we have put together a few songs because we know music sounds so much better with marijuana!

  1. Afterhours, Troyboi (feat. Diplo and Nina Sky) The midnight mood and compelling tunes make you roll that extra joint. 

  2. Angel, Massive Attack This beautiful song will have you lost in the depths of your high in no time. 

  3. I wanna get high, Cypress Hill Cypress Hill defines stoner rap music! And this song will take you to different levels of high! 

  4. Comfortably numb, Pink Floyd This slow, relaxing song is sure to space you out with its deep and rhythmic tunes. Just be sure not to go too deep! 

  5. Ganja Babe, Michael Franti This is an absolute classic, and must have for any drug/music enthusiast. The complex melodies, depth, and pure, unbridled emotion will take you on a chilled out journey like never before. It is nothing short of a musical orgasm. 


There you go! Next time you take a puff, don’t forget to make music a part of your cannabis experience.